David Vine – Founder and Principal Boat Builder

David Vine is the founder and principal boat builder of Stem2Stern. He founded the community organization in the summer of 2018 after a lifetime of educating young people in the craft of woodworking. David understands the value of an exposure to the trades in rounding out the life experiences of today’s young people. He is responsible for directly training the participants in the construction of the wooden boats, as well as working with the funders and other support groups who help launch the boats once completed. David previously ran several successful programs leading up to the founding of S2S – a group of FNMI boys in partnership with the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, a group of elementary school children with the Thames Valley District School Board, and a group of in-risk grade 10 students in partnership with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. David holds an Administrative and Commercial Studies degree from Western University, obtained his Certification of Qualification in Industrial Woodworking from Humber College, and also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Western University. As a father, a teacher, and a woodworker, David has spent his life outdoors in a boat, on his motorcycle, in a tent, on his bicycle, in his vegetable garden, and making maple syrup. 


“David and his team are friendly, knowledgeable and engage youth with the end goal of learning and teaching through a unique opportunity.”

“David and his team bring all that is needed, I don’t see how the week could go more smoothly.”

“Watching the children launch their boats at the end of the week was really rewarding. Seeing the level of enjoyment as they captained their own creation really brought an excellent end to a wonderful week.”

“The experience helped give the children an opportunity to learn new skills, along with seeing the progress they were able to make by working hard.”

“My two experiences with Stem2Stern have been excellent. All the barriers that I thought would challenge the youth were broken down and the children exceeded my expectations and really embraced the opportunity.”

“I would tell any individual that it would be a worthwhile program for their child.”