Covid-19 has impacted us all. Stem2Stern is dedicated to taking strict precautions so we can get back to doing what we love most, building boats!

Equipment management:

Equipment will be cleaned and disinfected twice a day.

Participant outline:

Maximum of 10 participants indoors. The 10 participants will be made up of the Principal Boat Builder, 1-2 volunteers, and up to 7 youth.

PPE and Social Distancing:

Physical distancing of at least 2 meters will be implemented. More individual activities will be incorporated to encourage proper spacing between participants. PPE such as masks, gloves, safety glasses, and hearing protection will be implemented when it is appropriate. This protects participants from both Covid-19 and the tools and materials being used. Masks will be provided when required.

Download the full Stem2Stern Covid-19 Policy below: